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APEX DRONE is a french start-up company specialized in the training, service and distribution of UAV solutions.

Laurens BYRS, its President, from the aeronautical world, professional pilot and instructor who has a passion for everything that can fly and who has naturally taken an interest in drones, organizes the first training sessions on a private ULM runway, a place that lends itself perfectly to the evolution of drones and learning exercises. It is in this context that on the occasion of a drone festival organized by the city of Nevers, its Mayor Denis Thuriot proposed to APEX DRONE to come and set up shop at Nevers airport.
The offer is attractive, but drones and planes don't usually mix well. What seems to be a pitfall at first sight will quickly become an asset. Indeed, operating drones at an airport is not an easy task, as very strict security rules prevail there. The solution: a rigorous approach to teaching. Demand from the beginning of the learners' training the rigour expected of professionals. The formula works. Trainees follow a well-calibrated exercise program in a specific flight volume. UAV and air traffic coexist without problems, a constant radio link is established between the instructors and the control tower.

Drone Training Center

Our 140 hours of training is the foundation of the drone remote pilot profession and ensures that the trained students are operational at the end of the course.

Supplier of security solutions

APEX DRONE has focused on the distribution of safety solutions with foreign partners by developing a 4G solution in swarms of drones as well as fire-fighting drones that prefigure the future equipment of fire brigades.


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